Storytelling ‘kaleides’ with organic movement creating a deeply connected experience. Doug has been creating stories all of his life; whether it be on stage, behind the camera, in the studio, or at his laptop. It is the novels we all house, the interesting lives each of us lead, that sit at the heart of why he loves to teach. Seeing people learn to trust enough to share who they are, to tell their tales without worry, and to care enough to listen wholly to another’s prose - to share in moments like those is always a humbling experience.

Usually starting class with a story, poem, or anecdote, Doug threads together body, movement, intention, and thought into a tapestry of FUN. It is his desire that you leave his class more grounded and elated, loving you and your blessings.

“We all have the words we need to write our epics, but not all of us use our lips to speak the texts.”




Strength and Flexibility ‘kaleide’ creating Grace. Nikki is graceful: a beautiful balance of meditation, laughter, tears and heart. Nikki joyfully loves to share her deeply thoughtful practice with others. With an extensive training background in competitive gymnastics and professional dance, Nikki’s love of motion, curiosity about the human body, and desire to heal led her straight into the arms of yoga, where she first experienced real connection. Yoga, with its emphasis on breath and mindfulness, brought equilibrium across the entire spectrum of her life.

Nikki guides students though a physical practice that pushes beyond one’s body and drives into the deeper metaphysical properties we all possess. The strength cultivated in her classes helps one to grow his/her asana practice, but that same strength can be translated directly into all aspects of life.

“My sequences and messages are typically inspired by what I’m working though personally. Yoga is much more than the shapes we create with our bodies. A genuine yoga practice is one that transcends the confines of a mat or studio. True yoga is found in how we see ourselves, how we interact with others, and how we view the world. It is a lifestyle and lifelong practice.”




A community builder rooted to others through energy, Shannon has spent the better part of her last 6 years working in the fitness world. Seeing lives change, not only as a result of the hard work put in, but in large part because of people, the people that surround and support one another, is what drives Shannon. The trainers who care about the students progress both inside and out… the students who grow into friends… the studio or gym that grows into something more. From boxing to barre, youth fitness to yoga, creating community for those who are wonders is Shannon's passion.

She has learned that a healthy life is more than just having a fit body. A healthy lifestyle truly thrives when your passions ‘kaleide’ with a tribe of like minded hearts. Each individual adds his/her unique energy and joy, bringing everyone a little closer.

“I can’t think of anything more humbling than listening to the ocean or gazing into the stars. I can’t fathom anything more empowering than taking time to marvel within your own breath. Self love is ignited when we realize our bodies are equally magnificent to all of nature’s melodies”